Majid Jordan- “One I Want” ft. PartyNextDoor

Majid Jordan & PartyNextDoor-One I Want

Despite a mountain of genre-specific hits that would say otherwise, there’s a case to be made that Drake isn’t even the best R&B artist on his own OVO label. I know that sounds slightly absurd to say and I’m not fully sure I believe it but there is a case. dvsn’s futuristic lover jams are only gonna propel them to greater success. Roy Woods might have a pedestrian name but does a great approximation of muted trap soul. PartyNextDoor is basically Ty Dolla $ign without actually being Ty Dolla $ign. And Majid Jordan are honestly the real reason “Hold On We’re Going Home” is so damn good. Really. Go back and listen to it. They co-produced the Nothing Was the Same highlight and they’re the ones hitting those high notes at the end.

The duo’s new tune, “One I Want,” pairs them with PartyNextDoor and it couldn’t work any better. The song’s got all of the sleekness of a dvsn song while moving at a much faster clip and being a tad more optimistic about a relationship working out. All parties involved are committed to the premise of sticking together post-fame and giddily hopscotch across the song’s sparse landscape. Yeah Drake’s the label head but he’s not the only one capable of making some great R&B.

This might be a one-off since Majid Jordan just dropped their debut last year or it might be a prelude to a new EP.


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