Rostam- “Bike Dream”

Rostam- Bike Dream

It’s far too tempting to bring up Vampire Weekend as quickly as possible when talking about the work Rostam Batmanglij has done outside of the group. In part because he’s taken a leave from the indie rock luminaries but also because he’s perhaps the most responsible for their sound and it’s still disarming when that specific sound appears in non-VW contexts.

That booming, swirling sound with vaguely tropical and Southern hemisphere vibes (read: Not American) is all over new single “Bike Dream” which comes from Rostam’s still-to-be-released Half-Light LP. There are: arrhythmic and cavernous drums, tidal washes of synthesizer, dabs of keys and almost microscopic bass runs to anchor the song and keep it from floating off the globe. Rostam’s voice mostly sinks into this variegated mix, subdued but not surrendering. He excelled at striking this specific emotional balance while in VW and nothing’s changed since he left.

[Half-Light is out September 8 via Nonesuch. You can check out the tracklist below.]


1. “Sumer”
2. “Bike Dream”
3. “Half-Light” ft. Kelly Zutrau
4. “Thatch Snow”
5. “Wood”
6. “Never Going To Catch Me”
7. “Don’t Let It Get To You”
8. “I Will See You Again”
9. “Hold You” ft. Angel Deradoorian
10. “When”
11. “Rudy”
12. “Warning Intruders”
13. “EOS”
14. “Gwan”
15. “Don’t Let It Get To You (Reprise)”



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