Action Bronson- “Let Me Breathe” [Prod. Harry Fraud]

Action Bronson- Let Me Breathe

Since he first entered the world with 2011’s equally gluttonous and lascivious Dr. Lecter, Action Bronson aka Bronsonlino aka Mr. Wonderful has put out a lot of quality music none better than his Blue Chips series with the electro production duo Party Supplies.

Today we’re getting the first taste of the third installation in that series with “Let Me Breathe.” Though it doesn’t seem like Party Supplies is as involved with this one, producer Harry Fraud lends the tune his own infectiously chintzy trap melody that keeps Bronson a bit boxed in. It’s absolutely thrilling to hear him bouncing off the walls and free associating into oblivion but it’s also kind nice to hear burrowing down on a select few themes which for Bronson include: blowing trees, hanging with model broads out of Range Rovers, being better at rapping than any mere mortal you can name and “flying past Saturn.” Bronson can’t ever be fully pinned down, dude’s too slippery for that.

[Per a chat with Zane Lowe on Beats 1, Blue Chips 7000 will be dropping sometime in late-July/early-August.]


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