The Horrors- “Machine”

Horrors- Machine

Co-equal and intertwined with fears about death, one of our greatest fears as humans is bodily betrayal. While it’s possible to endlessly argue about how rational fears really are, it’s fairly easy to understand why this is such a fear. We depend on these mortal coils and if they start constricting us, there’s nothing we can do to stop it.

The Horrors’ first song in three years is the sound of that constriction. It’s a feeling of violent, but small scale, upheaval filtered through static-laden electronic rock. “Machine” sounds like weaponization, like every rocket turning in the same direction to obliterate you. If that sounds grandiose or barbaric or dark, it is. What the band’s wrestling with here is messy stuff and that mess extends wayyy past what they’ve laid to wax.

[The band’s going on tour next month so there’s prolly an album announcement coming soon enough. You can check out those dates below.]

Tour Dates:

July 7- Paris, France @ Parvis de l’Hôtel de Ville
July 11- London, England @ Omeara
July 13- Cladas de Reis, Spain @ Portamerica 2017
July 14- Southwold, England @ Henham Park
August 19- Tokyo, Japan @ Hostess Club All Nighter 2017
August 26- Monterrey, Mexico @ Hellow Festival 2017
August 30- Treviso, Italy @ Zona Dogana
September 30- Manchester, England @ Victoria Warehouse


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