A$AP Ferg- “Nia Long”

A$AP Ferg- Nia Long

Counting all the punk, metal, hardcore and gangsta rap shows I’m fortunate enough to have been at, A$AP Ferg’s set at the 2015 Pitchfork Music Festival was most riotous shit I’ve ever seen. Yeah sure people were chucking water bottles, slam dancing and climbing trees. Big deal. That’ll happen. But then “Psycho” hit and people started picking up trash cans and not only crowdsurfing them but trying to chuck the damn things. And security couldn’t do much about it because the crowd was so densely packed that moving wasn’t much of an option. Calamity was the common tongue and no one was gonna stop it from being spoken.

Thankfully that’s still the Hood Pope’s language on new track “Nia Long.” Yes it’s kind of a “ladies love me” joint but it’s more just a great excuse for Fergie to shout out the Fresh Prince royalty over a maelstrom of trap drums and electronic skronks while stunting on everyone in sight. This is Ferg riding G4s and guzzling enough Hennessy to kill a herd of elephants. At one point Ferg intimates he’s DTF by a see-saw because that’s the kind of guy he is. He can whisper sweet nothings to the upper-crust of society with no problem but he’d much cut out the externalities and be blunt. It’s served him well to this point, why stop now?

[Ferg’s been on a mini-run of one-off singles this year, so maybe we’ll be getting a new record. The world can always use more Ferg.]


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