HDLSS’ closing track from its forthcoming Selections from DUMB is disorientingly beautiful. “BILL$” blends warped “post-Yeezus” vocals with a darkly infectious melody that’s immediately apparent even under layers of production gauze.

The central line in “BILL$” is “I can’t go away” and each repetition of that line feels like a deeper acknowledgment of being trapped. While the song subtly mutates a few times over the five minute runtime it never fully springs from its initial elegiac tone. It’s the sound of accepting fate and sinking into whatever that fate will deliver. Bright lights and beauty might well be on the other sound but there’s also a chance there’s only pitch-black emptiness. Anything’s possible with “BILL$” because it solders together such starkly contrasting ideals and forces you to reckon with all of the conflict.

[Selections from DUMB is out July 14 via HDLSS LTD and is available for pre-order here.]


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