Delagoon- “New Sensation”


The principles of the Stockholm-based punk group Delagoon, singer Charlie Falk and drummer Anton Haeffler, are quick to point out their obvious influences: Joy Division and the Cure. And damn it if those doesn’t show in the title track to the band’s recently released EP New Sensation.

The song’s a gloriously unholy post-punk racket with a bassline that would make Peter Hook proud and lyrics that Robert Smith could get behind (delivered in a voice that occasionally recalls Violent Femmes’ Gordon Gano). It’s much more difficult to crib attitude and feel though so all of the sneering and brashness is purely a creation of the band. Falk’s spent time modeling, as has Haeffler, so they certainly have a sense for what works theatrically. And a presentable punk singer bellowing over a chaotic sprawl about being the next thing on the block is almost always gonna work. It works here. Cheers to the new sensation.

You can hear the title track to “New Sensation” here now.



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