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Washed Out Drops the Gorgeous “Get Lost” with a Trippy Collage Clip

Washed Out

It’s been nearly four years since we last heard from electronic-pop/chillwave pioneer Washed Out, who is probably still best known for being behind the Portlandia theme,  but last night/this morning the project remerged in a major way.

“Get Lost” is a warped dancefloor monster that would fit right in on an Avalanches album and be the highlight of a DJ-set at a beachside club on the Adriatic. It’s got the prerequisite four-on-floor beat but adds on some out-of-leftfield accoutrements such as squelching saxophones and narcotized vocal manipulations that wouldn’t be out of place on Frank Ocean’s “Nikes.”  There’s a distinctive beauty undergirded by some bizarrity.

So it goes with the accompanying video, released this morning, that pairs Washed Out’s return single with an engrossing animated collage. There’s a lot going on in this thing such as a guy selling stolen merch out of his van, a car crash, a cameraperson filming another cameraperson and a lone red sports car driving off into the L.A. night. It’s undeniably goofy but the music makes it less cartoony.

[No word yet on a new Washed Out album but I’d bet there’ll be one soon enough.]


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