Sia- “To Be Human” ft. Labrinth


Sia makes epic-scale, panoramic pop music. That what she does. So it makes perfect sense that the Australian artist would team with English singer Labrinth to deliver a song for the Wonder Woman soundtrack, a film with a 100-million plus budget about the titular D.C. character using her immortality and emotional intelligence to help end World War I early.

Knowing all of that isn’t much of a prerequisite for enjoying the song which starts with a moody minor-key rumble before inevitably exploding in the chorus as Sia and Labrinth croon “to be human is to love.” If the sentiment’s a bit trite, that triteness is less relevant because of how grandiose the song itself sounds. As with almost every superhero flick, the minor details don’t matter as much as the sweeping broad strokes.

[The soundtrack for Wonder Woman is out June 2 on WaterTower Music.]


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