Swet Shop Boys- “Zombie”


Former Das Racist member Heems and burgeoning actor Riz Ahmed (Rogue OneThe Night Of) have a damn good thing with going their Transatlantic hip hop duo Swet Shop Boys. Last year the two dropped the more-than-solid Cashmere LP and they’re already returning with the Sufi LA EP, which initially dropped as a vinyl-only release on Record Store Day and is now seeing a wider launch.

One cut from the all-too-brief record is the understated banger “Zombie” where Riz and Heems are basically just trading bars about the struggles of being brown in 2017 over a beat that’s a deep bass rumble and mutilated Bollywood-flavored sample. “If you black or brown, Babylon coming for your head,” the Punjabi-Indian American Heems wearily exhales near the end of his verse. In the present day, our doors are still open but the welcome for “huddled masses yearning to breathe free” has seemingly disappeared.

[Sufi La is being self-released May 26.]


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