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Future- “Mask Off” (Remix) ft. Kendrick Lamar


Future’s “Mask Off” is one of the best tracks of the year so far. It’s airy but snaps. It economically documents some of Future’s basest behaviors (i.e. eating molly and Percocet like candy), which is something that people turn to Future joints for. It’s darkly infectious. Weirdly insular but still approachable. And for all of that, “Mask Off” has been justly rewarded with runaway success on the Billboard chart where it currently sits at number seven.

If that wasn’t enough, it now has a quasi-official remix from Kendrick Lamar (whose “Humble” is two spots above “Mask Off”). As he often does with remixes, Kung-Fu Kenny demolishes the track and reshapes it into his own world where Prince is living through him and he’s got shooters “on payroll.” He dances around the damn thing at times and his deftest move is to quip: “Everybody who didn’t pay respect gotta fess up now and pay ya debts.” It’s possible to hate on the hyperbolic fawning that happens with Kendrick but it’s a lot more difficult to do when you actually press play on the man’s work.


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