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Top Tracks: Amber Coffman- “Nobody Knows”

Amber Coffman Album Cover

Amber Coffman’s got her debut solo LP, City of No Reply, coming out in two weeks (June 2) and the former Dirty Projectors singer has been dropping some excellent tracks in the run-up to its release.

She’s continued that today with third single “Nobody Knows,” a loose funk-pop joint that describes the isolating idea that no one else can quite understand how you’re feeling. It’s a weary state of mind but Coffman’s performance is anything but. She sounds bright and lively on “Nobody Knows” and makes great use of her dynamic vocal range. “When the winds blows, I just wanna blow away” she warmly croons during the chorus. It would sound almost fatalistic and resigned if the sentiment was a touch colder. With Coffman’s performance though it sounds like a chance at a fresh start.

[City Of No Reply arrives June 2 via Columbia.]






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