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Hear Two New Burial Tracks


Even 10-plus years into his career, each dispatch from Burial (aka William Bevan) can feel like an event because there are sometimes (for fans) frustratingly long gaps between work. 2013’s Rival Dealer EP felt like a highwater mark for Bevan’s Burial project and then he receded from view for three years before returning in November 2016 with Young Death/Nightmarket.

Now, six months later, Burial has a new release with Subtemple/Beachfires (EPs and singles are pretty all Bevan drops at this point). The latest effort is definitely cut from the same cloth as Young Death/Nightmarket as the bulk of the single consists of ambient industrial drift. There’s the occasional Skype call noise that sounds like it’s coming from inside a mauseoleum or low rumbling vocal drones but that’s about it. Otherwise Burial employs a lot of well-timed crackles, the jingling of some chimes and suffusive white noise to carry these “songs.” In the hands of another artist, these tracks would incessantly meander but Bevan’s long been adept at breaking up any potential tedium at just the right moment. So it goes with his latest single.

[The Subtemple 10 inch vinyl record has already sold out on Burial’s Bandcamp page but the digital EP is still available here.]




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