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Vince Staples Announces LP ‘Big Fish Theory,’ Drops the Steely-Eyed “Big Fish” ft. Juicy J


Vince Staples has finally shared the release date of his eagerly anticipated sophomore LP Big Fish Theory and he’s paired that great news with the release of the song and video for quasi title track “Big Fish” (which has absolutely zero to do with the Tim Burton flick).

The northside Long Beach MC’s second record drops June 23 via Def Jam and features the ferocious first single “BagBak” along with the aforementioned “Big Fish” ft. Juicy J. The latter is a nihilistically catchy tune that follows “BagBak”‘s glinty electro tendencies while preserving Staples’ bleak worldview where “counting up hundreds by the thousand” sounds like the loneliest chore in the world. It’s a narrative where the wizened speech urging kids to take to the straight and narrow doesn’t necessarily work out. And it’s not even because of some possibility of getting gunned down in the streets (which our President just assumes happens in every inner-city in America). The worse course is getting caught up with people who don’t have your best interests in mind, the kind of people who say they want to see you swim but do everything to help you drown.

That sort of imagery carries over to the video for “Big Fish” where Vince is on a slowly capsizing boat surrounded by literal sharks. He’s in his best boating attire in a scenic waterscape but that doesn’t matter one damn bit. Some things you can’t run from no matter how much money you have or how many times you’ve changed addresses to try to escape. Certain fates are inescapable when those closest to you are corrosive.

[As previously mentioned, Big Fish Theory is out June 23 via Def Jam. Check out the video for “Big Fish” below.]


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