Yowler- “Go”

Yowler- The Offer
Photo by Sarah Cass via Double Double Whammy

The indie music folk scene has been unbelievably bright in the past few years with artists such as Angel Olsen, Julie Byrne, Julien Baker, Laura Marling, Mount Eerie, Sharon Van Etten and Waxahatchee releasing some of their best work to date.

And one of the brightest spots in the scene is the work the Philly-based Maryn Jones has done under the name Yowler. The project’s 2015 debut The Offer is one of the better…offerings in the crowded field of the past several years. It had some Grouper-esque murk to it leavened by a voice with an ache that was as clear as day. The meaning came through even when what Maryn Jones was saying wasn’t immediately comprehensible.

“Go,” one of two songs on the forthcoming reissue of that stellar record, goes a lot clearer than much of her previous work as Yowler. It’s basically her, some steady beating percussion and a lo-fi organ keeping company. That’s it. That’s all she has when she sings: “I don’t know if I’ve ever felt so lost.” The emotional heft here feels heavier than ever because there’s nothing to lighten the load. And all Jones can do is to sing “Let it go.” Sometimes that’s the only option.

The reissue of The Offer is out June 16 via Double Double Whammy and available for pre-order here. You can listen to “Go” here. And check out some of Jones’ past work on her Bandcamp page.


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