D∆WN – “Break Me”

Dawn- Break Me

Even though D∆WN aka Dawn Richard put out an album just last year (the well-received Redemption), it feels a little like the enigmatic R&B artist is angling toward something new. Recently, she released a video for “LA” and dropped 3D visuals for Redemption cuts “Lazarus” and “Love Under Lights.”

Now, she’s put up a new song entitled “Break Me” and though it feels like it could be an album loosie it’s just too damn good to be a standalone. D∆WN’s fully committed to a vocal performance capturing how tumultuous relationships can be because the ones that love us often know how to hurt us the “best.” That carries through in her lines that hint at some self-healing but also show past wounds as bass booms and a synthesizer crests. She’s not receding and neither is the production which gives her room to vent while not being afraid to fill in the spaces between her echoing vocals. D∆WN’s intensely describing being broken but “Break Me” is so fully formed that it’s hard to believe.


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