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Top Tracks: Flying Lotus- “Night Grows Pale”

Flying Lotus- Night Grows Pale.png

Yesterday, Flying Lotus broke somewhat of an musical silence and dropped a brain-bending remix of the Twin Peaks theme.

Today, the L.A.- based electro-jazz auteur has shared a new track entitled “Night Grows Pale” which samples a bit of Queen’s “White Queen (As It Began),” and just fucking goes. Even if FlyLo hadn’t been “gone” for a minute, this new track would be warmly welcome because it nails so much of what makes him great. Freddie Mercury’s disembodied vocals are soulful but a bit cold to the touch. The bass and drum knocks are unmistakable though they’re wisely tempered by little flecks of keyboard. A ready comparison for what the keyboard part is doing would be to Until the Quiet Comes-era Lotus, which is to say there’s an abundant dreaminess to “Night Grows Pale.” The key line chopped-up Freddie’s repeating is: “The white queen walks and the night grows pale” and that just seals the overall mood. Dark is infinitely more enchanting than daylight so it’s no surprise that’s where FlyLo’s yet again chosen to reside.

Check out “Night Grows Pale” along with the Twin Peaks remix and the original Queen effort.




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