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Lana Del Rey- “Coachella–Woodstock In My Mind”

Lana Del Rey- Lust for Life

One standard operating procedure for a Lana Del Rey song is that pop artist takes some of her own malaise and restlessness in life and projects those things outward. Hell, even her first big single (“Video Games”) frames a disproportionate relationship in terms of what the world says.

That’s not quite what happens with new single “Coachella–Woodstock In My Mind.” Not really. Yes she’s still singing about wandering around California and hearing music and with the metronomic trap drums and bass-heavy synth it sounds very dramatic. But in this particular case, Del Rey’s seeing all these children with “their crowns they wear” and realizing how damn tenuous it all is. The bright vibrant love she’s seeing could, in theory, be vaporized in an instant. And contrary to the allegedly self-absorbed image of the festival and her own work, Del Rey’s left considering what she would trade in for a little comfort and peace of mind. The answer: Everything. The world was built for more than two and “Coachella–Woodstock In My Mind” is Del Rey coming to terms with that fact.

Lana Del Rey’s Lust for Life doesn’t have a release date yet but one could come at any time. Check out the song, and her accompanying note, below.

Lana Del Rey Note


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