Chance the Rapper- “And They Say” [Prod. Kaytranada]

Chance the Rapper at the Grammy by CBS Photo Archive-Getty
Photos via Cooper Neill, CBS Photo Archive/Getty

So, this one’s been floating around live for awhile now but never quite found a home. Kaytranada produced the track for Chance’s 2016 record Coloring Book, along with “All Night,” but the blunted effort didn’t make the album’s final cut.

Over the weekend, Kaytranada played it during his guest DJ spot on the OTHERtone Beats1 radio show and invited listeners to “rip it from the mix or something,” which is precisely what some enterprising listener did. And all thanks for that. While “They Say” isn’t a tune that’ll blow anyone’s hair back, the Chance/Kaytranada partnering produces a blissfully low stakes bit of work. It’s got some Chance’s ebullient warbling. There are warm piano trills in this thing. Chance has a line about “smoking like a sailor” and “cursing like a chimney” which is a joke that only like him and Da Drought 3-era Wayne could competently pull off. “They Say” doesn’t have a home and that’s fine. It’s doing okay on its own.


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