The Avalanches- “Bad Day” ft. Freddie Gibbs


Can the Avalanches just make an entire record with rap features on it? If we learned anything from the sampledelic Australian duo’s first album in 16 years it’s that hip hop artists sound damn good going in on their beats. And though it’ll prolly be another decade before we get a follow-up, this is something that needs to happen.

Freddie Gibbs sliding all around the Stevie Wonder and Shuggie Otis sampling “Bad Day” further solidifies such a necessity. Though he spends the early moments interpolating Biggie’s “Juicy,” the track is a thing to hear. The warm soul of Shuggie and Stevie gives the typically cold and roughly hewn rapper an air of joyousness. Gibbs’ lunches and interviews by the pool sound like actual chances to relax rather than keep up an intense guard. To loosely borrow from one of the samples, it feels like he’s finally getting through. That the Avalanches helped facilitate this is one more reason why 2016 was a stellar year for them.


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