Waterwalls- “Loneliness”


French artist Waterwalls tags the music on his new EP, Ibeji, as “devotional” and damn if that isn’t a near-perfect description of opening track “Loneliness.” With a queasy synth figure that calls to mind earlier Odd Future and a languorous voice that echoes Archy Marshall (King Krule), Waterwalls has crafted a paean to being down and being entirely uncertain of what to do. There’s the pacing around at 3 am. The skepticism about whether or not a phone call can salvage anything. A bit of vacillating between love and hate that really only unfolds to placate a present situation, as though “They were never that great” is actually an effective balm. And then finally, most dramatically, there’s the intense longing to return to what was. “I want to go back to the love,” one of the song’s final lines declares as the somnolent figure suddenly reaches toward the heavens. Whether or not such a request is heard ultimately remains a mystery.

(You can buy the EP Ibeji here now.)


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