Big Sean- “Moves”


“Moves,” the third single from Big Sean’s upcoming fourth album I Decided, represents a way forward for the GOOD Music member. He’s still perfectly content to spit cheesier than Velveeta punchlines about Channing Tatum and macking on paralegals. Nothing that’ll make you rearrange your current top-five to make room for the “Control” also-ran. But his beat selection has only gotten more judicious over time. And while he could keep going with the slow, borderline gothic churn of say “Blessings,” Sean’s wise to switch up for what sounds narcotized Megaman music. Hell, if the album cover for I Decided is any indication then we may well get an entire album’s worth of 80s indebted beats. If that’s the case, if the woozy “Moves” is the template, then Sean will finally sound as cool as he’s long thought he is. Now about those punchlines….


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