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Top Tracks: Hannah Diamond- “Make Believe”


One thing that can get lost in the stellar work that Britain’s PC Music crew does is just how skilled many of its members are at making great pop music. The noise and self-conscious “weirdness” become the focal point instead of the pop songcraft on display. Memorable hooks get pushed out by 8-bit vocals and chintzy synth sounds.

I have a hard time believing that will happen with Hannah Diamond’s “Make Believe.” Yes there are still flourishes that will turn a few folks away (the stuttering synths being a likely culprit.) But those people prolly would have a problem with the work on display under any circumstance. For the rest of us this is about as earnest of a track as someone in PC Music has done (Diamond’s own “Attachment” being in the discussion as well.) It’s a song that has Diamond breathlessly wishing to go along with someone into the great unknown. Captured here is the flood of emotions that follows hearing three simple, but affective, words. After hearing them you’ll hypothesize that any outcome is possible. The whole point of making believe is imagining that you can do anything. With this self-assured effort, Diamond has made anything seem like a reality.

(You can download the song through Soundcloud now.)


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