It’s been long enough since her opening salvo that Lana Del Rey’s now an unmistakable influence on certain strains of pop emerging from the indiesphere. There’s the druggie affectations. The island vibe flirtations. The vacillating between being the relationally assertive one and the deeply dependent one.

“Close” by LA trio TRANSVIOLET lovingly takes several of these pages from the LDR playbook. Lead singer Sarah McTaggert is promising to be someone’s “opiate” and possesses “looks to kill.” She’s setting the stage as being the one in control here, but the expansive chorus has a glimmer of vulnerability when she talks about wanting to get close. There McTaggert and the group put major distance between LDR and themselves. It’s got a bounce and a communal feel to it that LDR’s not really had before. You can imagine singing the words to chorus, with its slinky guitar riffs and ebbing synth lines, at a club with a crowd of people. “Close” is universally relatable. It’s a radiant track expressing an interest in connection. There’s not a ravenous desire here, just a genuine want to be alone with someone.


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