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Top Tracks: Hare Squead- “Herside Story”

Image via Hare Squead (h/t Pigeons and Planes)

The quick of it for Dublin, Ireland trio Hare Squead is that they’re musical omnivores. The 18-year-olds voraciously consume Kanye and Cudi and Wayne in equal measure with the emotionally charged punk of Green Day and the slick pop stylings of Pharrell. With that on the record, these shorthands are meaningless with artists that claim such eclecticism. They might tell us what went into the recipe but not how exactly the recipe was prepared.

So it is with their new single “Herside Story.” The ingredients are fairly delineated. You have some microphone trading that wouldn’t be out of place on a NY boom-bap track. There’s a dash of the same sort of Caribbean percussion that’s popped up everywhere this year. Each member glides over the beat with Auto-Tuned vocals that call to mind any number of slick R&B singers. And the general theme, of being down for someone and being up for anything, is one that’s been explored before. Those past touchstones don’t overshadow the proceedings here though. The joyousness that radiates out of “Herside Story” is such that you don’t take stock of much else. It’s possible to point out the progenitors of this sound but what’s the point when Hare Squead has made it their own?


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