DÆVA- “Dream”


“Dream,” the lush opening track from Brooklyn artist DÆVA’s debut LP Beta Persei, calls to mind Grimes sampling “Dream Lover.” That is to say, there’s a sweetness to the work but one which is tempered by the hard truths of waking life. The chintzy drum sounds and bright synthesizers can’t blot out or obscure a line such as DÆVA’s “there’s nothing for us there.” Because the line is so understated  it’s that much more devastating. There are often these places we build up in our minds. Or these people we idealize for long stretches. And when we finally travel to these locales or meet these people there is nothing but disappointment. It’s a realization that what’s waiting out there isn’t radically  from where you are now, it’s just a variation.

DÆVA’s record Beta Persei drops on limited glitter cassette this week through the Furious Hooves imprint.




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