Jhené Aiko- “Maniac”


One of the biggest strengths of artists such as Raekwon or Chief Keef is that they so often sound unflappably calm despite what they’re describing or what’s going on around them. That’s such a skill because the easier way to go would be to get as dark or chaotic or fiery as what’s being described. Being able to resist that urge is an unmistakable talent.

Which makes the intergalactic calypso of  Jhené Aiko’s “Maniac” a wickedly great showcase of talent. Her opening couplet over the half-muted drums is “Hop on the dick like a maniac, head like a brainiac,” and it only gets freakier from there. But at no point in describing oral with some “bite to it” or all night sex sessions does she go into an orgasmic holler. She’s restrained (maybe both figuratively and literally) in her delivery. Why waste spend time describing something with intense passion when you could just do it?

Aiko and Big Sean are working on a full-length follow up to their Twenty88 EP.


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