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Top Tracks: Ghostly Kisses- “Empty Note”


“Empty Note,” the dream pop indebted single from Quebec-based artist Ghostly Kisses, is a husk of a song. It’s one where nearly every tangible sign of life has been shucked away and there’s nothing but a few fibrous remnants still left. Singer Margaux Sauvé’s exhales over this arid landscape which is only dotted by a few bass plucks, measured synth fades and pillow-soft percussion. It’s rough terrain to navigate for sure and, at least lyrically, Sauvé sounds shaky doing it. At one point she’s wondering aloud to herself “How could I forgive myself?” never quiet answering such an emotionally loaded question. She seems to be surveying what’s left of a broken past (perhaps a relationship) and realizing there’s nothing repairable. In this desertous environment, there’s no oasis escape to. The only faint hope to cling to is that something better might be found.


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