Nicki Minaj- “Black Barbies”


Thanks to the en vogue viral phenomenon that is the #MannequinChallenge, Rae Sremmurd and Gucci Mane now have the number one song in the country with “Black Beatles.” Which is just wonderful to think about Gucci Mane sitting atop the charts, Billboard could use more Guwop in its life.

And with Nicki Minaj hopping on the Mike Will Made-It track, Gucci and the Brown brothers might be hanging around for a bit. (Though, of course, a precipitous decline in Mannequin Challenge participants could ding them.) Minaj is friends with all of the principles involved so her “Black Barbies” remix makes sense from that perspective. And the subtle earworm is granularly focused on stunting and the aftereffects of fame, two subjects that are absolutely in Nicki’s wheelhouse.

Minaj can stunt with the best of them and she definitely does here. “All these b****es is my sons, should be sucking my tits,” is a great go-to of Minaj’s, as is “Where your plaques? Where them stocks? Word to NASDAQ,” and “half a mili on the Maybach Pullman.” That last line is more than conspicuous consumption though. It’s followed by Minaj saying “Hoping all my foreigns don’t get deported” which, when paired with “Island girl, Donald Trump want me go home,” tells you where Minaj’s mind was at when she hopped on this. The election ended a week ago, but the aftershock is still being felt.


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