Young Gunna- “4 the Late Night”


The general, uninformed expectation with a track titled “4 the Late Night” is that it’ll be a barreling, euphoric effort. Seeing that title you assume there’ll be a thorough documentation of all the drinks consumed, the parties attended and the connections forged. Songs such as “All Night,” “Wild for the Night” and Jeremih’s entire Late Night series have taught as much. Nighttime is when inhibition withers away and audaciousness blooms.

North Carolina’s Young Gunna goes a different route on the understated “4 the Late Night.” The production is a slow churn that almost sounds stuck in first gear. Gunna’s closer to somber than swaggering. On a few lines where’s drawing words he sounds like he’s wobbling. If the song calls to mind anything it’s Them’s “Here Comes the Night,” which was fearful of the night and the pain that it would bring. Gunna’s not quite to that point, he’s definitely not defeated. But he also doesn’t quite sound like he’s ready to leave the house anytime soon.


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