Queen of Swords- “Rise Instead”


Aerin Fogel, the driving force behind Queen of Swords, referred to her previous band the Bitters as “cave pop.” Such a moniker might still work for her new outfit, though the cavern’s a little more brightly lit now. The guitars have a heavy reverb to them, but still enough clarity so you can hear individual notes being played. Her voice has a real clarion quality to it, it’s arresting from the moment her words first ring out: “How many times will I go, to the other side?” A litany of questions follows and because of how clear and calm her voice is, you get the sense that these aren’t questions keeping her up at night. They’re a way to better understand herself. A road map to rising up out of the cave and becoming something more.

No word yet on when Queen of Swords’ debut LP will drop, though Fogel says it will be “soon.” Best Coast’s Bobb Bruno produced “Rise Instead” so it’ll be interesting to hear what else he contributed to the record.


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