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Wyclef Jean- “I Swear” ft. Young Thug


If Wyclef Jean and Young Thug wanted to do an entire collabo EP of work like “Kanye West” or “I Swear,” the hip hop landscape would be just a few shades brighter. Like the former, “I Swear” is an effusive, glistening dancehall tune that will slap a goofy smile on your face from the word “Go” (unless you’re an emotionless android from Westworld). Wyclef’s all sensitive loverman here, tenderly crooning “I swear ain’t nobody breaking us up, Imma stick with you forever” in a chorus of shifting Caribbean percussion. Thug takes a similar track by offering what may well be one of his most open-hearted versions of the year. He gets in an Aaliyah reference, promises to take someone out of their “momma’s house” and works in a goofily endearing “Thousand Islands” joke that’s better left heard. That he’d feel comfortable enough to crack such a corny joke should come as no surprise. Guards are let down and reservations go out the window in the easygoing environment he and Jean have created together. Here’s hoping for more.

“I Swear” will appearing on Wyclef’s upcoming J’ouvert project.


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