Ricky Eat Acid- “Never Alone in a Dark Room”


Maryland producer Ricky Eat Acid is a seriously affective producer with music that can easily vacillate between warm and emotionally cold. “Never Alone in a Dark Room,” a track from his new LP Talk to You Soon, adeptly splits this difference. There’s a tidally moving synth that’s like a blanket slowly enveloping you, while these tiny crystals of synth fall like icicles on top of it. What calls to mind a submerged piano gently maneuvers around the edges of the track, only adding to the placidity of it all.

The video, meanwhile, is a little more disturbing in its serenity. It features rapper Kitty (whose recent track “Asari Love Song” merits attention), a healthy amount of blood, some tasteful nudity and a vaguely Impressionistic painting that keeps watch over the goings on. That the video doesn’t feel darker or more menacing than it is is a major testimony to how at ease the song itself can put you.

Talk to You Soon is out now through Terrible Records.


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