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Top Tracks: Charli XCX- “After the Afterparty” ft. Lil Yachty


Seeing that popstar Charli XCX is collaborating with ATL rapper Lil Yachty is assurance that the end result will be undeniably giddy, an infectiously joyous effort that’ll have you singing the chorus on first listen.

Even still, even with such assumptions, it would’ve been damn difficult to imagine “After the Afterparty” being this radiant. The song starts bright and warm with XCX blissfully reflecting over a twinkling piano about the night before and only gets brighter from there. That aforementioned chorus obliterates any nuance with a throng of XCX’s singing “After the afterparty we’re gonna keep it going,” as a chest-thumping beat booms beneath. Yachty fits like a glove in these environs, he and his Autotune gliding over all. “The party was so crazy, tomorrow I’ll be lazy but I’ll spend it with you baby,” is his partying shot. Not that any one specific lyric matters in this thing. “After the Afterparty” is all about incommunicable feelings. Euphoric feelings that only come when you’re living life to the fullest.

No word yet on when XCX’s next LP will arrive, but she’s said it’ll be “her poppiest yet,” so there’s that to look forward to.


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