Clams Casino- “Time”


The #SaveFabric campaign is one dedicated to raising money to help keep open London dance club Fabric, which is in danger of being shuttered by the Islington Council after two 18-year-olds had fatal overdoses at the venue. Several thousand people have already signed petitions and donated money to help reverse the course, and in that continued effort a 111-track benefit compilation entitled #savefabric has been assembled.

Along with Simian Mobile Disco, Audion, Machinedrume, Shackleton and Nathan Fake, Clams Casino has been included on the comp with a truly hypnotic track entitled “Time.” It hems closest to what he was doing with his austere Instrumental Mixtape series and the excellent Rainforest EP, but the production quality is a smidge better. What could previous be called murky is now shadowy and aquatic. The spacey booms and disembodied vocals are still there, along with some guitar-type scrawl that brings to mind early How to Dress Well songs. It would absolutely work at the end of the night in a club just like Fabric. If the campaign goes well, maybe it’ll be playing there soon.

The #savefabric compilation drops November 4, and you can pre-order it here.


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