Top Tracks

Top Tracks: Run the Jewels- “Talk to Me”


Returning from the depths of the Badlands with a gun and a knife in their waistbands, the bad guys are back. They come ghostriding tanks to war with a bad toupee wearing Satan. “This is spiritual warfare” as the brimstone interlude reminds you of. This a cement-handed slap across your face at 2 am. The duo’s Adult Swim single has the bite of a great white shark with rabies. The DJ scratches from DJ Trackstar could rend flesh from bone. The bass sounds like a drunken Goliath stumbling through a crowded city center. El-P and Killer Mike are the rhyme animals. They’re the rap terrorists ready to tear it up. “Talk to Me” is the powderkeg doused in gasoline and they brought the matches.

Listen to, and download, “Talk to Me” at the Adult Swim Singles site now. Like right now. And look for RTJ3 at some point in the hopefully not too distant future.





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