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Top Tracks: D.R.A.M.- “WiFi” ft. Erykah Badu


Damn it D.R.A.M. At this point what can’t he make endearing and soulful and giddy and outright lovely? He’s done it with “Cash Machines,” “Broccoli,” a perfunctory dance such as the “Cha Cha” and the sending of “Signals” pre-coitus. His ability to make “relatively” mundane moments, such as “getting money” or making initial contact, life-affirming is frankly unparalleled at this present moment in hip-hop and R&B.

He’s done it again with slow jam “WiFi,” an Erykah Badu collabo that is perhaps closest to the aforementioned “Signals” in terms of comparisons. On the latest effort from debut album Big Baby D.R.A.M., he’s made the mere effort of trying to figure out WiFi coverage and network names sound like the sexiest thing ever. As someone who’s tried to figure out if that’s the number zero or an O in a WiFi password, I can say the process isn’t really an aphrodisiac. But again, it is here. He and Badu whispering to each other about finding a connection, on both a network and human level, over aquatic drums and gentle guitar wahs is enticing. We want such connections. And when we do find them, it can be as thrilling as joining that network.


D.R.A.M.’s Big Baby D.R.A.M. drops tomorrow, Oct. 21 on Atlantic/Empire.


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