Top Tracks

Top Tracks: Louise Burns- “Storms”


Sometimes a song can be just a little bit too “perfect.” The elements fit together in a way that borders on unbelievable. A vocalist cuts into a chorus as the rumbling bass and pattering drums lock into place. They don’t oversell it and go into a full-throated roar, or dial down to a whisper. They simply glide over all.

That’s Vancouver artist Louise Burns in “Storms,” the transfixing first single from her upcoming Young Mopes album. While “Storms” dips a toe into the “mopey” lineage of says the Cure or Lykke Li, it’s never fully submerged in misery. There’s almost a Strokes or Phoenix type jaunt to the tune, the rhythm section has enough bounce to sway your head to. Burns voice never appears fraught either, even when the atmosphere of both the song and video is one tinged with dark weirdness. She just keeps going, foretelling of “all the best feelings.” And it’s that steadfastness, as much as anything, that makes “Storms” so great.

Young Mopes is out February 3 on Light Organ Records.



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