Viigo- “Ex Friends”


I get the temptation to compare electro-soul/electronic R&B outfit Viigo to Jai Paul. There’s some of the London enigma’s oddities in the group’s steady bouncing “Ex Friends.” Synthesizers wriggle in and out of the mix. Guitars ripple and riff without warning. Electronically infused percussion undergirds the whole thing. There are clear markers to Paul’s work. But at no point is “Ex Friends” subsumed by such eccentricities. To put it another way, the train never goes off the tracks. It just continually hums along as singer John Hancock gets lifted “song after song” in the reflective light of an intimate dancefloor. “As I walk away and you start to cry, hoping you remember that easy time,” he delivers in a seductive murmur. It’s a hint at past heartache, but also a portend of the future joy that awaits.



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