Elle Watson- “Walls” [Prod. Clams Casino]


Clams Casino, he originally of narcotized A$AP Rocky and Lil B beats, needs to do more pop/R&B joints. Mikky Ekko’s “Pull Me Down,” which Clammy Clams produced, remains one of the more underappreciated pop tunes of the past few years and now the New Jersey producer has collaborated with British singer Elle Watson for the stellar “Walls.”

Over a sedately swirling Casino beat, the Kent-native breathlessly intones about a pulse rushing through her veins and praying with white knuckles. “Walls” is effectively about the fight to reclaim oneself after a breakup, the struggle to become an individual again rather than someone intertwined in another. And with just how murky Casino’s beat is, you can almost hear Watson crawling out of the primordial ooze of a failed relationship. “I can’t wait to show the world what you put me through, and hell has made me better,” Watson sings in the swelling chorus. Come hell or high water, Watson is going to make it out alright. She’ll run and jump and climb to put this all past her.

Watson’s debut EP Phantom arrives sometime this winter.


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