Exit Verse- “Sleeping in Graceland”


“He just needs someone to lean on,” Exit Verse’s Geoff Farina spiritedly interjects on “Sleeping in Graceland,” the first track on the Chicago trio’s Grant No Glory LP. It’s a relatively simple request, one for basic human connection, over a relatively simple (though bracing) track. Farina’s words jut around a clean guitar riff that sounds like it is forever in the downstroke. The drums largely stay in the no fills or frills state-of-being. The bass is an unnoticeable backbone. The lyrics are what’s been pushed to the forefront and they shine without ever being blinding. At the end of the day, what everyone needs is stability in their lives. A person or place they can go to when everything seems to be fragmented. That can often be enough.

You can hear “Sleeping in Graceland” through Stereogum now.


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