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Top Tracks: Moses Sumney- “Lonely World” ft. Thundercat

Photo credit: Micaiah Carter

Of all the artists on the all the stages during all the days of Pitchfork Festival 2016, LA electro/soul/folk singer Moses Sumney arguably shown the brightest. He was tucked away in the hidden cove that is the festival’s blue stage, but he put on the sort of hypnotic show one might expect of a headliner. Not the sort that wins the crowd over with histrionics, the one that just locks into what they do well and steadily pushes forward.

Sumney’s new tune “Lonely World,” which sounds like it was recorded in a fresco-laden church as the sun beams in, taps into what it is Sumney does so well. Added by his own gentle strumming and Thundercat’s measured bass runs, Sumney lifts up with his passionate falsetto. “The sound of your voice flows from your body,” he croons at one point, as if singing in the first-person. That sound only grows louder and a cadre of echos begin to accompany Sumney. At the apex there’s fly-off-the-handle drumming and frenzied bass tapping and Sumney still sighing. Not actually alone, just in a place with people who make him feel alone.

Moses Sumney’s new EP, Lamentations, is being self-released on Friday.




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