Beck- “Up All Night”


Easy, breezy, Beck. Not really two adjectives that you’d expect to be attached to the chameleonic artist, but alas. “Up All Night,” from the FIFA ’17 soundtrack, doesn’t have the absurdism of Odelay nor the introspection of Sea Change and Morning Phase. If there’s a touchstone in terms of style, it might be something such as “Girl.” But the Guero tune felt entrenched in the past, whereas “Up All Night” is firmly in the now. There’s a lithe pop-funk bounce that’s already been compared to Maroon 5 and puts partial visions of Broken Bells at their lightest in my mind. And light pop that’s propped up by: handclaps, treated strings, nimble bass playing and calls to put your “hands up in the air” certainly has its place. But sometimes weightlessness can blur into forgettability, which is where “Up All Night” finds itself.

“Up All Night” will appear on Beck’s new record, as will previous singles “Wow” and “Dreams,” per Q Magazine.



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