Itasca- “No Consequence”


There are a few specific music types that will get me every single time. The intensely autobiographical hip hop song where the artist is proffering their soul for all to see. The lush, deep house track that seems to fold in on itself. And the one that continues to be auditory candy, more than any other, the modestly winsome folk tune. Something about the light rambling of such an effort is sweeping in its effect.

Kayla Cohen, who writes under the name Itasca, makes this particular type of music and she does a damn fine job of making it. “No Consequence” is the latest song from her forthcoming album, Open to Chance, and it’s as pure as an Appalachian stream. Cohen’s voice is a soft call out over a field of finger-picked guitar and gently dipping pedal steel. Bits of xylophone shimmer in and out as she wonders “Who is this blind girl who walks with no regrets?”  It’s a striking line, but one that almost goes unnoticed. “No Consequence” is so at ease with itself that you let your own guard down.

Itasca’s Open to Change drops via Paradise of Bachelors on Sept. 30.


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