Tay Salem- “Threads”


London-by-way-of-Beirut artist Tay Salem only has two tracks to his name, but his vision is clear. Both “Iron” and new single “Threads” are massive sounding works with fragile centers. In the former, Salem’s falsetto tells of “falling away” as the synths and drum-machine claps push forward. In the latter, a document of dissolution, the multi-instrumentalist is asking to be “Kept away from the noise” as a slinky guitar slowly intertwines with a seismic burble. As the noise grows, Salem’s sighing either “I want sleep” or “I won’t sleep.” One’s a base-level need, the other an admission that all of this noise is too great of a disturbance. When your thoughts are racing, the most minute things can claim your attention.

Tay Salem’s debut EP, Night Mill, is out Oct.7.




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