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Top Tracks: Off Bloom- “Orchid”


On the Mountain Goats’ longing and uneven Get Lonely, John Darnielle has a line on “Woke Up New” that speaks to the entire album’s desirous nature: “And an astronaut could’ve seen the hunger in my eyes from space.” I mention that line, so disarming in its emotional candor, in the context of a Danish experimental trio because “Orchid” is suffuse with the same sort of longing. There’s no line as immediately identifiable as “yearning” though. It’s all in the song’s rich, glitchy textures. Vocalist Mette has a soft, breathy timbre that doesn’t stand at odds with the booming production but floats over it. There are percussive rat-tat-tats and finger snaps that sting like a strong wind on a December night in Copenhagen, but it’s perhaps the echoing piano chords of the first few moments that have the most heft. For whatever reason those chords most immediately remind me of the xx, however “Let’s just go through it” is a line too direct for the English trio. They both ache and yearn and long for sure, Off Bloom just want to move past those feelings though. Scrutinizing old emotions can only bring so much comfort.

Off Bloom’s debut EP is out Oct. 1 through Sport Records.


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