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Top Tracks: Danny Brown- “Really Doe” ft. Kendrick Lamar, Earl Sweatshirt & Ab-Soul


While hip hop groups have been slowly going the way of the buffalo, the posse cut continues to thrive. “Mercy,” “1 Train,” “My N**** (Remix)” and “Control” stand as just a few of the sterling examples of passing the mic in the past few years, and now they have some company with the witching hour banger “Really Doe.”

There’s really “nothing” to the Black Milk beat but a few death gurgles, some drum knocks and possessed melody box chiming, yet Danny Brown, Ab-Soul, Kendrick Lamar and Earl Sweatshirt all go in. Brown’s his usual frantic self. “I be on the chemicals, she be on my testicles, poke her with my tentacle then put her on my schedule,” goes one such salacious line. (Side note, I’m sort of amazed that Brown hasn’t spit this line before.) Soulo’s summoning Aleister Crowley while blazing up. Kendrick, oh Kendrick. K-Dot opts for a more clustered flow that has him namechecking Scotty from Star Trek, jetting off to Abu Dhabi and poisoning all the competition (which kinda already happened with “Control” but whatever). Earl, Mr. Early Bird, bats clean up and drives everyone in. Sweatshirt continues the raspier delivery of “Death Whistles” and I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside and he absolutely owns. “You the mouse that the falcon picked up” is the early contender for “Really Doe”‘s best line, but “It’s the left-handed shooter, Kyle Lowry the pump” is pretty terrific too. And ultimately that’s what makes “Really Doe” so damn compelling as a posse cut, you can continue listening and keep finding new things to love.

Atrocity Exhibition drops Sept. 30 on Warp.


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