Tobias Jesso Jr.- “Don’t”


“I can wait longer, because there’s nothing after this,” Vancouver melancholist Tobias Jesso Jr. tenderly croons over the warm ripples of a Fender Rhodes in new tune “Don’t.” It’s that one line, amidst a sea of “we can work it out”s, that is the most sweeping and affective. So often when a dissolution happens there’s a feeling that “this is it.” It becomes impossible to believe that there could be anything positive down the pipe. Which is when Jesso Jr.’s promises to “wait longer” and “work harder” become more prevalent.

But of course one person making such a pledge isn’t enough to salvage a relationship. Jesso Jr. eventually comes to that realization when he exhales “Guess I’ll be getting over you,” though it doesn’t sound assured. The line is an uncertain ellipsis rather than an authoritative period. In such tenuous circumstances, definitive statements are unbelievably difficult.

Jesso Jr. has this one pegged as a “demo” on YouTube, so no idea yet if this intended for an upcoming album or not. In the meanwhile, Goon is still a damn good album to give a listen.


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