Turls- “I’m Outstanding, Stop Complaining”


Don’t let that idyllic, Norman Rockwell-inspired artwork fool you, ATL rapper Turls’ “I’m Outstanding, Stop Complaining” will bulldoze you. The bass palpitations will leave craters in your face. The back half drum knocks could kick in a steel door. Turls’ voice, gritty but not raspy, has tinges of ScHoolboy’s delivery in there. And by that I mean that dude has a calm-in-the-eye-of-the-storm voice that’s unsettling the more you consider it. “Tell me when you’re ready to go” he says in the most nonchalant manner imaginable. So nonplussed that it’s near impossible to figure if he’s “going out” or going out. “I’m Outstanding, Stop Complaining” is effective enough that it makes either sound possible.

Turls’ Young T dropped earlier this summer and deserves a listen.


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