Feadz & Le Dom- “Big Shots”


Parisian electronic producers Feadz and Le Dom conceived of their 16-bit blitzkrieg “Big Shots” as an “interpretation of an imaginary video game’s boss level battle theme tune.” But even if that handy descriptor didn’t exist, listeners would arrive at the same comparison. This thing has all of the tension of a fight from a Megaman franchise where you just know a bad guy such as Sigma or Dr. Wily is considerably more powerful than the feeble blue dude you’re playing as. So then the sweating starts. Every move becomes a dodge of the punishing bloops because that’s the only way to stay alive. The beat drop may as well be an anvil falling from the ceiling of the locked battle room. And with “Big Shots,” like with any difficult boss fight, there’s always a chance to restart. But nothing’s going to change. The same horror show still awaits.


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